Behind Bourbon & Belles

Emily and Cori have been friends since 2014 and have always been extremely close. Over the years they went on several business ventures but it wasn't until the pandemic they realized what their real dream was.. own an online boutique. B&B is created and curated completely by Emily and Cori. They truly put their all into this dream to not only change their lives but the lives of others as well. Emily is the mother to a beautiful baby girl and loves spending time with her in her free time. If Emily isn't working hard for the Boutique you can find her working hard for her clients. Emily is a licensed esthetician specializing in all this waxing. Cori is a mother to 3 handsome boy and in her free time loves to be home with them and her fiance. Cori loves being in the kitchen and cooking up something yummy. When Cori isn't working for the boutique she is taking care of her clients for all their permanent makeup needs.

Cori and Emily know that all this would not be possible without their supporters and they cant thank you enough for being here. They have so many plans for the years to come and they hope you will stick around.