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Damn Good WOMAN Tee

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Embrace your formidable femininity with our "Damn Good Woman" tee—a wearable tribute to empowerment and self-confidence. Designed for the bold and unapologetic, this shirt isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a statement. The tee features the phrase "Damn Good Woman" prominently emblazoned across the chest, in a striking font that's both modern and timeless. The message is clear and direct, a powerful affirmation for yourself and an inspiring call to those who read it. 

- Damn Good Woman Skull graphic 

- White distressed screen print design

- Pepper Tee 

They are NOT ALREADY OVERSIZED. You do  need to size up, if you want oversized. Color and placements may vary slightly from photos. 

Emily is 5'6 150lbs wearing a L

Catlyn is 5’3 140lbs wearing a L