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Score a touchdown in the style stakes with the Sideline Social Club Crew Neck, the only sweater that says, "I may not play the game, but I totally look like I could give some solid, unsolicited advice! Whether you're a die-hard fan or someone who just enjoys the halftime snacks, this crew neck is versatile enough to see you through nail-biting overtimes or heated debates about the best sports movie (it's 'Space Jam', don't @ us).

Plus, with its effortlessly stylish design, you'll be the envy of every sports bar, tailgate party, or even just your sofa. The Sideline Social Club Crew Neck: where comfort meets commentary. Warning: May cause spontaneous high-fives and an irresistible urge to check the score.

These crew sweatshirts are MADE TO ORDER. You will receive a notification with shipping information, however, please allow 3-10 business days to see movement on your tracking number. 

They are ALREADY OVERSIZED. You don’t need to size up. This crew neck is black. Color and placements may vary slightly from photos. 

Emily is 5’7 typically a large wearing a S/M

Catlyn is 5’3 typically a medium wearing a S/M

Cori is 5’3 typically a medium wearing a S/M